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Top 10 Low Investment Business Opportunities

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We have analyzed the best small business ideas which can be started with low investment.

After extensive research here are some top 10 low investment business opportunities that we came up with.

1) Employement Agency: Since there is a lot of job hunting going on these days since there is a lot of unemployment. Starting an employment agency to help people get jobs is a low investment business opportunity to start. It will also be lucrative for you. So you will get a lot of customers since there is a lot of demand.

2) Starting a real estate agent or realtor business is always a good business to start. There are lots of people looking for property in every country all over the world. It is always on demand and will always be a business that will bring you customers. Real estate agents in USA for example can charge up to 6% on each property they help customers buy. So this is definitely a good low investement business opportunity to start.

3) Becoming a supplier fo companies will also be a good low investment business opportunity to start. For example doing delivery of one or more of each company's products will be a good idea for low investement business opportunity to start.

4) Delivering groceries which can be ordered at your website is a new business that has been booming for a few years now. Your customers can order groceries online or over the phone from you and your agents will deliver it each time. This is a low investment business opportuntiy to start too.

5) Starting an online internet business is another low investment business opportunity. You can sell on eBay for example, Amazon and so on. You can have your own shopping website where you sell independently. You can sell digital goods and so on. You can also offer services online as an oline business.

6) SEO Service: You can become an SEO specialist that offers other people and businesses Search Engine Optimization services to get their website ranking high on search results when keywords related to their business is search on Google and the others. You can offer new businesses and websites the SEO services and it doesn't cost much to start. It will also be a lucrative service to start because a lot of businesses need it.

7) Mobile Food shops or Food Carts: There is a lot of business and sales in going to the business districts to selling food to workers especially during lunch. You can come and go daily with your cart or mobile shop. You can choose any part of town that you believe has a high demand. It is a low investment business opportunity and profitable at that!

8) Create a blog or website: You can start a blog and offer a range of services. It could be for fun and you can still be able to set it up in such a way to earn income from it. You can can create a business and make money from it too. Any of these are a low investment business opportunity.

9) You can become an insurance agent. That's a good business to start and its been around for a long time. Lots of people need insurance for many different aspects of life and activities. Insurance policies of all sorts are in very high demand and have always been.

10) Ice cream business: An Ice cream business opportunity is a good business opportunity to try. On the contrary to what people think, an ice cream business is not booming only in the summer months these days. People nuy ice cream all year round these days so its an all year round booming business.





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